Thursday, July 28, 2016

Version 9.08b: Fixed elo engines + new language: Greek

New language added: Greek, thanks to Nick Delta

Bug fixed when playing against fixed elo engines, thanks to elvirais and EscherehcsE from to help me to find the bug.

Version installable: InsLucasChess908b.exe
Version portable: LucasChessPortable908b.exe


  1. Hi, Lucas,
    I wonder if it is possible to choose a range of move numbers while creating "Find best move" training set from mass analysis. It would be very good to be able to generate exercises from, say, only middlegame positions (moves #7 throug #20, for example), and skip endgame positions, or vice-versa.
    Or it could be one of the "Generate new trainigs" utilities in Find the best moves. In addition to the exisiting "divide" and "extract" options, we could generate a subset based on move numbers. Shouldn't be very hard, right?
    Thanks for all the effort!

  2. In Create a Game, I click "help to move". Is there a way to copy the PGN of the moves suggested by the engine? I can only see copy FEN. Thankz in advance.

    1. I have used the easy way, using analysis processes, then as the move is not done, it is not possible to add other moves as variations.
      You must move and analyze again.

  3. Hi, how can I convert the Tactics by UNED chess school to pgn? I want to merge them as one.

    1. I´ll try to include in Database Positions option, the possibility to import from fns files.

  4. Hello Lucas,
    I was wondering if you can add some kind of "alert" when there is a tactics
    for example in :
    after your opponent make a move : it alerts you,
    Thank you.

    1. Tactics ?
      You could use kibitzers to know which is the state of the game.
      Probably I don´t understand, explain me more if so.